What is Travel Insurance? Travel Insurance information in english.(us,uk,canda,Finland,aus)

What is travel insurance? 

What is travel insurance? : – Travel insurance gives you insurance cover while traveling. That is, travel insurance provides you cover for unforeseen losses during travel. Travel insurance can be addressed by various names by insurance companies. It is important for you to check and understand whether the policy covers both intra-country travel or foreign travel. Travel insurance covers you and your family against losses due to travel related accidents, unforeseen medical expenses during travel, loss of luggage, loss of passport and disruption or delay in flights or delayed arrival of luggage etc.

It is very important for you to read and understand what exactly is covered in the policy you are considering! Clear all your doubts by asking questions to your insurer or agent and thoroughly study the terms and conditions of the cover! Travel insurance generally provides cover only for a specific period of travel. However, some insurance companies may offer various combinations of protection to meet the specific needs of the customers. For example, there may be a special policy for high officials who travel frequently.

Types Of Travel Insurance Us ,Us ,Aus

International Travel Insurance

When you get any insurance to go abroad, it comes under the category of International Insurance. Whenever you plan for a foreign trip, you should definitely take travel insurance. This insurance covers the unforeseen expenses that may arise during your travel abroad. For example, loss of any goods, any medical expenses, loss of passport etc.

Individual Travel Insurance

When you go on a foreign trip alone, this type of insurance is called personal travel insurance. This insurance not only gives you normal benefits, but it also protects you from the expenses incurred in your emergency.

Student Travel Insurance

This insurance is especially for those students who go abroad for studies. This insurance provides cover to the students for medical expenses, loss of passport and expenses incurred due to interruptions in studies.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

This insurance is for those senior citizens who are in the age group of 61 to 70 years. This insurance covers their dental and hospital expenses for illness.

Family Travel Insurance

This insurance provides cover against unforeseen expenses to the entire member going on the trip.

Benefits of Travel Insurance in English.

The scope and benefits of cover offered by different insurance companies vary. You should do enough research to make sure that you have taken the policy that suits your needs! The following types of covers are generally provided to you under travel insurance –

  1. personal accident
  2. lose luggage
  3. delay in arrival of goods
  4. lost passport
  5. travel delay
  6. repatriation
  7. Transportation of dead bodies, etc.

The Sum Assured offered may vary, hence the rate of premium is also decided according to the circumstances like your age, duration of travel etc.

You should know all the information related to travel insurance very well! Wherever you have any doubts, be sure to check with your insurer! The following are generally not covered –

pre-existing diseases
risk of war
suicide and mania
extreme sports

What to do if a claim situation arises abroad?

It is very important for you to understand what to do if a claim situation arises abroad! Generally hot numbers are given in the policies on which the claim/claims should be reported. Your concerned local authorities such as police, embassy, ​​transport company etc. should also be informed as applicable. The insurer should also be informed.

Do’s and Don’ts for Travel Insurance
Some do’s and don’ts must be kept in mind while buying travel insurance –

Do this:-

  1. Plan your travel insurance well in advance, just as you plan for your visa and other things!
  2. After conducting the mandatory medical tests and obtaining the requisite medical report, fill up the proposal form completely and accurately.
  3. Plan the travel duration well in advance and ensure that your insurance covers the entire duration!
  4. If you want to extend the cover period, plan it before the cover expires and submit the required documents to the insurer.
  5. If you are taking a cut in your travel period, then check your policy to see if you are eligible for premium refund or not.

don’t do it

  1. Don’t postpone your travel insurance for the last minute!
  2. Don’t be tempted to take cover only as recommended by your travel agent!
  3. Don’t be too tempted to choose the cheapest cover!

General advice for travel insurance
Whenever you decide to buy an insurance policy:

It should be checked that the company selling the policy is registered with IRDA.
Make sure you are buying the policy from a genuine licensed agent or broker. Request to show ID or license!
You can also buy the policy directly from the company.
Read the policy brochure / prospectus carefully to know what is covered and what is not.

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